General information

The principle of TNBT is complete autonomy.


The 150 km TNBT trail is very complex. It is reserved to accomplished athletes.

The 80 and 40 km TNBT trails are difficult. But any sportman or sportwoman can challenge himself/herself.

The other trails and hikes are open to everybody.

Each trailer have to be autonomous between two refreshment posts (food, wather, clothing and security).


The participant will have to take care of himself and adapt to problems encountered (bad weather, injuries…).

Mandatory equipment is :

  • 1 mobile phone
  • 1 stock of water (minimum 1.5L),
  • 1 survival blanket,
  • 1 headlamp with replacement batteries,
  • 1 whistle,
  • 1 first aid kit with 2.5m compression bandage,
  • 1 windproof running jacket,
  • 1 food reserve

Bags and material will be controlled at the departure of each race. Each trailer must hold a recent medical certificate or a trail licence.


A personnal accident insurance for sport is advised.