Go on a hiking adventure with the TNBT

You can choose  betwen a 11km and a 8km hike.


You can run or walk along a marked footpath. Hikers of all ages and level are expected.

Don't hesitate! join us to discover beautiful places. 



  • The 11km : depart on saturday, february 29th  2020 at 7h15 am in Deshaies.
  • The 8km : depart on  sunday, march 01st  2020 at 7h15 am in Petit-Bourg.

Registrations & PRICES

Entry fees is  10, 7€ per groups (5 pers or more).

transport and refreshment post

A refreshment post will provid for food and wather at the end of each hike.


COUSES and profilES

Deshaies - Anse des îles - 11km

Lamothe - Petit-bourg - 8km

RDV Lamothe


Règlement des randonnées
Règlement des randonnées
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